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01/01/2019 20:55 GMT
Happy New Year!

The time for to be updated has come. We are changing servers, fixing database issues, login issues and adding new features. We are sorry both the site and our users have been neglected for so long.

We have been given a completion date of 01/15/2019 to be back better than ever!
Check back often in case we get things finished sooner. Thank you for your patience.

Aircraft Operating Costs per hour, Aircraft Performance Data and it is ALL FREE! You landed at the right spot if you are looking to search or compare aircraft operating costs and performance! Single Engine Aircraft Operating Costs, Multi-Engine Operating Cost, Jets Operating Cost, Helicopter Operating Costs and Performance Data and our newest feature Aviation Classifieds!

  1. Basic Aircraft Performance Database allows you to view the aircraft performance information on over 1,300 aircraft one aircraft at a time CLICK HERE it's FREE

  2. Advanced Aircraft Operating Cost and Performance Database allows you to view and compare aircraft operating costs per hour, aircraft performance and more side by side CLICK HERE it's FREE

  3. This is New!Aircraft for Sale Classifieds this is the newest section of our site where you can search aircraft for sale or sell your aircraft or other aviation related product. We are offering specials right now Click Here

  4. Not sure who makes the aircraft? Search our Site
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